Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Day

It's amazing. I'm so reassured by the changes in my body. More heartburn? Sweet. Still pregnant. Boobs still hurt? Still pregnant.

Today, I took J's hands and put them on my breasts. "They feel different from the inside. Do they feel different from the outside?" He couldn't stifle the laughter. They are most definitely expanding. He couldn't have known this sooner due to the fact that he was banned from touching them a few days ago...

My belly feels different. Obviously nothing really outward. It feels a little harder, I guess. From the inside, it kind of feels like muscle fatigue. I guess things are moving around to make room for other, more important things.

Speaking of symptoms, I must go to bed now. It's waaaay past my new bedtime of 6pm.
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  1. In this case, I am going to vote for Yeah Symptoms!

  2. What a beautiful new blog! Congrats on your pregnancy, and welcome back to the community!

  3. I love "former infertile" in your profile. Am hoping that we can all say that at some point!