Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ultrasound Tomorrow

So... I went to the OB yesterday. It wa mostly paperwork, but because of the spotting, they did a beta to make sure we were still pregnant... Um. At 5w2d, my beta was just over 21,000. I seem to remember some website where they would put your beta on a line graph to show you where it fell in comparison to other pregnancies. Does anyone know what that was? Betabase just shows you average numbers, but no graph.

Anyway, they scheduled me for an ultrasound for tomorrow morning just to make sure everything is ok after the spotting and see if we have more than one critter. Little stressed over numbers, but very thankful to have a strong number anyway.
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  1. I don't remember what that graphing website is. I think when I used it, I had to find someone else's graph and then google the little name in the corner.

    Good luck at the ultrasound.