Monday, January 3, 2011

Hanging In

Dear Multiple Sclerosis,

I hate you. I wish you had never found your way to the human race. You are a thief - you steal mobility and sight and memories and life. You are a coward - only showing yourself in the evil you create, never rearing your ugly head for a fight with the professionals. But here's the thing, you dirty bastard... Mamaw is stronger than you thought. She has kicked the living shit out of you for nearly 20 years. She has one of the nastiest versions of you, tucked deep in her brain, but she has remained strong. She has fought you with everything she has and damn it, she's tired. You need to lay down your weapons and leave her to enjoy what she has left. We've shared her with you long enough. We're done with you. She will fight you to the death. An army of supporters will pray for your failure. You will not break our spirits.

One Seriously Angry Granddaughter
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