Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bit of a Scare

Ended up in a bed on the OB ward for a couple hours last night... I was sitting here waiting for J to get home with Subway, when my eyes went all wonky. The only way I can describe it is that it was like right before you pass out. Everything is oversaturated with light. Or maybe like right after you look at the sun. When that started to pass, it came down to "just" tunnel vision. If I looked straight ahead, I couldn't see J sitting beside me, even though he was leaned forward to about my 10:00 position. I googled and checked What to Expect - both said to contact your provider if you have blurred or disrupted vision.

I called the emergency line for my doctor, which happens to be the OB ward at the hospital. Told them what was going on and how far along I was and they said I should go ahead and come in, just to be safe. They wanted to check my BP and glucose and make sure I wasn't suffering from pre-eclamspia.

We jumped in the car and went over. BP was a little high, but I had a headache by that time. The Critter sounded fine, heart rate was strong and steady. She kicked the living crap out of the NST monitors. The vampires came and took several vials of blood for a PIH panel.

In the end, we're pretty sure it was just a migraine. I felt stupid for going in, but the nurses assured me that they would rather have me come in and get checked out than to stay home and have something horrible happen. I was pretty wigged out. Twenty-five weeks is too little to come out. I needed to know she was safe and all was well.

So today, I just have a massive migraine hangover and a little bit of a lingering headache. Aside from that, we are none the worse for wear.

Next week, I have to go for another ultrasound. At my last appointment, I was measuring 4 weeks too big. I also have my GD test next week. THAT sounds like fun. Glad to get to see the wee fetus again, though. I hate that there are possible complications (cleft lip can cause too much amniotic fluid - who knew?) but I'm thankful to see her more often. I'll have yet another ultrasound at 32 weeks assuming all looks good on the 10th. Things are hectic, but I'm beginning to believe I may get a baby out of all this. Guess I should actually go buy some gear for said baby, huh?

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Story About A Vacuum Cleaner

When I was young, Mamaw always loved her vacuum cleaner. No, I am not kidding. In the late nineties, she bought a newer version of it that cost her an arm and a leg, but she paid it happily because she LOVED her vacuum cleaner. What did it do that was so special? It vacuumed. I'm not kidding about that either. It's one of the single most effective vacuums I've ever met. But it's hellishly expensive and pretty high maintenance, so I've never met anyone else who has one.

None of the rest of my family liked to use this vacuum because it was, as I mentioned, high maintenance. There's a tub of water in the bottom that you have to fill before you vacuum. All the dust and dirt goes in there, rendering it pretty stationary so it doesn't blow back into the room like other vacs. The down side to this is that the tub has to be emptied at the end of every vacuum session. You're left with a tub of mucky water and sludge that has to be disposed of, and the tub has to be rinsed out really well, and all that and people just don't want to do that.

When Mamaw died, the only possession of hers that I asked for was that vacuum. The family willingly handed it over because no one wanted to toss it (hellishly expensive, remember?), but no one wanted to USE it either. My aunt brought it to me sometime in the winter, but it sat in a closet in the nursery because it needed (guess!) maintenance. Whoever had used it last (not Mamaw, she was bedfast) had left the water in the tub and it was SKUNKY. I had rinsed out the tub and turned it on, but the smell was too much. It smelled like Mamaw's house with a pretty serious overtone of dead ass. So, it sat. I have hardwood floors and a few area rugs, so my Swiffer Sweep & Vac does most of my work. But I also have dogs. And a toddler. I really needed more muscle.

My loving husband kindly took the entire thing apart (literally, he removed every screw) and cleaned it for me. He bleached the tub and made it all nice and shiny again. Today, I not only filled the tub, but put a couple drops of jasmine essential oil in the water before I vacuumed the couch, rugs, and baseboards. My house smells terrific. J got home and started to grump about the fact that I hauled the enormous beast from its cave, but stopped when he smelled the air. It's like I was running a giant air purifier while I cleaned.

Okay, this isn't a product review. Well, it kind of is, but not really. If you don't mind the water thing or the price, go buy one right now. It's worth it. Your house will be spectacularly clean. But the point of the story is that Mamaw loved this vacuum. I loved it originally just because she did and maybe also because I felt a little sorry for it because no one else loved it. Now, as an adult with a house that needs cleaned every 27 seconds, I understand the true value of the thing and love it even more. AND! My husband, who thought it was a dumb idea (he didn't say that, but he did complain quite a bit about cleaning it) has come to love it too. Something about that makes me exceedingly happy. J didn't get to know Mamaw very long before we lost her, and this is like some kind of bizarre connection to her. I can give him that. I can teach him to love the vacuum that only she loved.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


  • I think Monkey is coming down with something. He's clingy and snuggly and wanting his blanket and has that look in his eye again... I'm guessing it's just a cold, but I hate when he feels yucky.
  • I have railing on my stairs again! Are you excited? I'm excited. Giant pregnant Manda won't fall down the stairs quite so easily.
  • I have a million thoughts flying around in my head, but I just can't articulate anything right now.
  • I'm only 24 weeks pregnant, but I am already freaking out about the fact that I feel like I need to buy everything right this minute.
  • My mom, bless her, has decided that I need to have a baby shower. I feel like I'm lucky enough just to be having the baby - I don't need a shower. But, alas, I think Mom is worried that this is the last "fresh from the hatchery" baby the family will be having. On my part, she's right, but my brother will get married and have a family someday.
  • J is downstairs working in the basement/workshop. He's defending our choice to use cloth diapers, and instructing someone to buy us the bumGenius diapers that I covet. I have no idea who it is, I'm just amused.
  • I've seen Ice Age 3 so many times I think I know the entire thing by heart. Unlike the rest of the modern world, I hate that damn squirrel with a vengeance.
  • Tucker (the puppy) keeps walking around crying with his toy in his mouth, but seems annoyed when we throw it for him. Not real sure what he's looking for.
  • I think it is time to put maybe-sick Monkey down for a nap for an hour or so. Maybe he'll feel better when he gets up.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Should Be Blogging

...but I have nothing to say! Life is pretty boring right now, which is a good thing...

The Critter is more active than ever before. She kicks and rolls and punches and all sorts of fun stuff. Of course, as soon as someone tries to feel her, she ducks back into the recesses of my SPINE. Thanks, kiddo. My bladder is still a favorite hangout, but she has found her way down to punch me in the cervix a couple times. Fun days.

The house is coming along. I almost have stair rails again. Almost. We're significantly closer.

I'm looking forward to Sunday... Turkey dinner with my family, Easter egg hunt for Monkey, and turkey. Did I mention turkey? Oops.

Okay, I need to be painting (it's No VOC, and Low Odor, so it's all good). I should go do that before I fall asleep sitting up. And the dogs should probably go outside before the paint starts flying. If Bo gets one more white streak from brushing up against the trim, I'm going to scream. Red dobermans don't look good with white stripes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The ultrasound yesterday yielded no results. The Critter stayed face down in the nice cozy pelvic area and put both hands over her head. No way we were getting a look at her face. I suppose we'll try again in a couple of weeks. It's not really IMPORTANT that we know about her lip before birth - I would just like to know so that I am prepared in the even that there is something wrong. When you give birth, you have certain expectations. A cleft lip would be shocking. I just want to know so we can be emotionally ready for it.

The more time goes by, the more my gut says that she is perfectly fine and there is no deformity. I like believing that. For now, I'm sticking with it.

Monkey's doctor finally found a pharmacy that could compound a drug that worked on his bottom. He is suddenly worlds better. He also got a vaccination at his well-child appointment, and it left him feverish and cranky for a couple days. Today, he seems to be back to his normal happy self. This makes everyone happy. If Monkey ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

My dear husband had to take his mom to the doctor about 90 minutes away today. I feel like I've barely seen him in days between all the work on the house and helping out other people. Part of what I love about him is his willingness to put his butt on the line for anyone, but dang. It gets tough being married to Batman. Whenever there's trouble in Gotham, he's gone. Most of the time, I could go with him... Truth be told, I just didn't want to be stuck in the car with them for that long. His mom is nice and all, but we're vastly different people. Also, I am still annoyed over that time she came over and pointed out all the things in my house that she would like to have. My house is not your rummage sale. The good news is that I am madly in love with my husband, so I probably will never throw anything at his mom.

Maybe I'm bitchy today, yes?

I should probably finish cleaning up around here. I need to make a run to the grocery store too, but I'm desperately trying to avoid it. One can only be out of Froot Loops for so long before they have to give in, though.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There are roughly 473 things I should be doing right now. Instead, I am blogging. Before that, I was playing around with a new blog header for some friends (incidentally, the same friends who married us on the beach a few weeks ago).

I SHOULD be painting, cleaning, working on paperwork for the Foundation... All sorts of things. I just can't get motivated today. Blah.

Monkey had his 3 year well-child visit today. He's really not well at all, as he has a killer rash on his bottom, but it was time for the yearly stuff. He is 75% for weight and 85% for height. We grow 'em big, I suppose. He is also way ahead of the curve on just about everything, potty training aside. The kid has ZERO interest. If the kid isn't interested, you might as well be trying to convince my doberman that peeing in the potty is a good idea. Results will be the same.

We had his party this weekend. Monkey, not the doberman. Dobermans don't have parties. We rented party space and there was cake and pizza and helium balloons and dinosaurs everywhere. He was thrilled. It was really a fantastic day, but it wore Mama out. Pregnant Manda still has trouble remembering to SIT DOWN sometimes. Party was Saturday (I didn't sit down even once), then we went to my mom's on Sunday and it was about 85 degrees. My ankles disappeared again. Yesterday was just as bad. I remembered to sit, but the swelling remained. After our wedding week (including a trip to Florida), my OB banned me from long car rides and any and all flying. Apparently, I'm too old for all this. Well, maybe it's a combination of old, fat, and summer pregnancy.

I have another ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. I haven't said anything publicly about it. I think the reason is mainly that if I TALK about it, it becomes a real worry, and I would like to avoid that. Anyway, they think the wee fetus may have a cleft lip. Some of the ultrasound images from the scan on March 29 indicated something funky in the mouth area. It may have just been the angle, or it may just be that she has big lips like me. Either way, tomorrow we're going to have another Level 2 ultrasound and hopefully she'll cooperate enough that we can get a good 4D image and know for sure. Honestly, I'm pretty Zen about it. If she has a cleft lip, we will simply have to find her an excellent plastic surgeon and her Aunt J will take her to Sephora and teach her wicked cool make up tricks to cover her scar. After everything I've seen, both through the disabled community and the infertility community, this is small potatoes. My daughter will be perfect and amazing no matter what.

Ok. The killer heartburn from outer space is back and I need to go eat a peanut butter sandwich or something. Poor J is downstairs slaving away on house projects while I blog and eat. Maybe I should go help eventually...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Wedding Pictures!

FINALLY!! Yes, I realize we've only been married twelve days, but it feels like I've been waiting for these pictures forever.

So, it's officially official. We are married. "Remember that you belong not TO each other, but rather WITH each other."