Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bit of a Scare

Ended up in a bed on the OB ward for a couple hours last night... I was sitting here waiting for J to get home with Subway, when my eyes went all wonky. The only way I can describe it is that it was like right before you pass out. Everything is oversaturated with light. Or maybe like right after you look at the sun. When that started to pass, it came down to "just" tunnel vision. If I looked straight ahead, I couldn't see J sitting beside me, even though he was leaned forward to about my 10:00 position. I googled and checked What to Expect - both said to contact your provider if you have blurred or disrupted vision.

I called the emergency line for my doctor, which happens to be the OB ward at the hospital. Told them what was going on and how far along I was and they said I should go ahead and come in, just to be safe. They wanted to check my BP and glucose and make sure I wasn't suffering from pre-eclamspia.

We jumped in the car and went over. BP was a little high, but I had a headache by that time. The Critter sounded fine, heart rate was strong and steady. She kicked the living crap out of the NST monitors. The vampires came and took several vials of blood for a PIH panel.

In the end, we're pretty sure it was just a migraine. I felt stupid for going in, but the nurses assured me that they would rather have me come in and get checked out than to stay home and have something horrible happen. I was pretty wigged out. Twenty-five weeks is too little to come out. I needed to know she was safe and all was well.

So today, I just have a massive migraine hangover and a little bit of a lingering headache. Aside from that, we are none the worse for wear.

Next week, I have to go for another ultrasound. At my last appointment, I was measuring 4 weeks too big. I also have my GD test next week. THAT sounds like fun. Glad to get to see the wee fetus again, though. I hate that there are possible complications (cleft lip can cause too much amniotic fluid - who knew?) but I'm thankful to see her more often. I'll have yet another ultrasound at 32 weeks assuming all looks good on the 10th. Things are hectic, but I'm beginning to believe I may get a baby out of all this. Guess I should actually go buy some gear for said baby, huh?


  1. You shouldn't feel silly for going to ER--that's what it's there for when you are pregnant and seeing things!

    Good luck with the u/s this week.