Friday, April 22, 2011

I Should Be Blogging

...but I have nothing to say! Life is pretty boring right now, which is a good thing...

The Critter is more active than ever before. She kicks and rolls and punches and all sorts of fun stuff. Of course, as soon as someone tries to feel her, she ducks back into the recesses of my SPINE. Thanks, kiddo. My bladder is still a favorite hangout, but she has found her way down to punch me in the cervix a couple times. Fun days.

The house is coming along. I almost have stair rails again. Almost. We're significantly closer.

I'm looking forward to Sunday... Turkey dinner with my family, Easter egg hunt for Monkey, and turkey. Did I mention turkey? Oops.

Okay, I need to be painting (it's No VOC, and Low Odor, so it's all good). I should go do that before I fall asleep sitting up. And the dogs should probably go outside before the paint starts flying. If Bo gets one more white streak from brushing up against the trim, I'm going to scream. Red dobermans don't look good with white stripes.

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