Monday, May 9, 2011


I had my gestational diabetes test today. They also tested hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. The good news is... wait... I don't think I got any GOOD news today.

I flunked my GD test. I'll be taking the 3 hour on Monday.

My iron levels are "dangerously low." My prenatals offer 150% of my daily recommended value of iron. Tomorrow, I start more iron supplements. Anemia would explain why I feel like ass so much of the time.

My insurance requires prior authorization before ultrasounds, aside from the 20 week anatomy scan. They haven't obtained this authorization yet. My ultrasound is scheduled for 11am tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. As of right now, I don't have much faith that it'll be taken care of.

Why do I suck at being pregnant?

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  1. I think being pregnant just sucks! I had a relatively "normal" pregnancy - well, normal for other people, which is abnormal for me - and I still think it sucked at times. I flunked my GD, my iron levels were low from the start (11.7 which was exactly the lowest they would allow), and I was frustrated by the being tired all the time when I wasn't DOING anything besides, you know, growing a child.

    If you can stomach it, try increasing your red meat intake. I am normally a white meat girl but once I got pregnant all I wanted was hamburgers. Sonic made a fortune off me! But it helps - I didn't have to go on supplements other than my vitamins. Good luck with your 3-hour test; bring a book!