Saturday, May 21, 2011

Don't Rain On My Parade

We took Monk to the short parade last night. Short, but still a little over an hour long. We walked around the carnival for maybe an hour before that. By the time we were finished, I was miserable. Hands and feet were swollen to epic proportions and my hips hurt really bad. I had some shaved ice and a bottle of water and a cup of soda during all of it, I sat down for the duration of the parade, and I was still miserable. I guess parades are just not for me this year. I'm going to line up a babysitter for The Critter next year so I can go enjoy it. (My mother will kill to babysit - I know this already.)

Mark opted to go ahead and go to today's parade because his dad wanted to go. His dad is incapable of caring for himself in a fully stocked house, so he can't be left alone at a parade. So, Monk is with me and J all day while Mark and his pops hang out on the side of the road for a few hours. Exciting stuff. So far, we've already had several time-outs. He was up past his normal bedtime last night and my stupid dogs woke him up before his normal waking time. I'm just trying to bide my time until it's reasonable to put him down for a nap. Then I might take a nap, too...

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