Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good News

I had my ultrasound this morning. The Critter still tried to keep her face buried in my pelvic bone, but we were able to get her to move around some. I took a walk and had a little bit of sugar to get her moving. From what we can see, everything looks fine. Probably no cleft lip. The palate isn't really visible, but the lip/nose look good.

She is measuring solidly at 28+ weeks. I am only 26w3d. According to the measurements, due date looks more like August 1 than August 13. We shall see. Her legs are actually measuring at 30 weeks, but she's just long. Estimated weight is 2lb, 7oz, or 89th percentile for 26 weeks.

I honestly wonder if the dates are wrong. I felt like there was something going on in early November, but I got my period. It was lighter and shorter than usual, but it was there. My current dates are based on my LMP being Nov 6.

May I be frank for a moment? My lady bits are not designed for child birth. At least, not for a child of a large size. Maybe one that's tiny. This one is enormous. At my first OB appointment, when he did the PAP and everything, his exact words were, "You have tiny tiny vagina." My hips are wide enough to accommodate a child, but the tissue itself? Um. Not so much. When we first started sleeping together, J was SORE after the act. Because the area is so small. I'm terrified of having this child. I'm seriously starting to consider a planned c-section. I feel like a wimp, but all I can think about is a 3rd or 4th degree tear and never being able to have sex again. I'm freaking out. For real.

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  1. When I failed my 1-hour GD test, my son was measuring almost a week ahead. Two weeks later he was back on track. My doc told me that happens a LOT - kid gets ahead or behind and then catches up. He told me not to worry about it too much until we got closer to the date. GD babies DO tend to be big, so if I'd failed my second test he'd have kept a VERY close eye on me. As it was I was borderline, so he watched me and I had NSTs twice a week starting when I was about 32 weeks.

    There is nothing wimpy about getting a c-section. I just had one, after two failed inductions. I was on Per.cocet for a week and a half (that includes my time in the hospital)! You do what you need to do, for your own sanity. I never could make up my mind about whether I wanted to go through actual childbirth or just schedule a C, but my doc doesn't like to do C's unless he has to - says a lot of docs are like that now. I'd take this up with YOUR doc, ask what he would recommend!