Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

Monkey arrived shortly after I posted yesterday, and J got home not long after that... We were playing around and having fun before dinner, and Monkey was running through the house. He was running full tilt in the living room when he tripped over his tricycle and face planted into a speaker. Of course, the corner of the speaker hit him right in the mouth. He was on his knees with his hands over his mouth, and I grabbed him up. When I was finally able to pull him away from me long enough to look at his face, I saw that he was bleeding. Lots. Not scary amounts, but mouth wounds bleed a lot.

I carried him to the bathroom and J tried to help me get him cleaned up. THAT wasn't happening. Monk told J in no uncertain terms, "Go in da udder woom!" We finally peeled his sweaty bloody clothes off at least and got him in something cooler. During the screaming, we were able to look in his mouth. No broken teeth, but a big hunk missing out of the inside of his lip. As I was struggling to wipe his face off, I found the missing piece. On his forehead. Oops.

J had put the dogs out when it all started because they didn't know WHAT to do with a screaming injured kid. When Monk started to get his wits about him, he wanted his dogs back inside. J told him that the screaming scared them, so if we let them back in, he had to try to stop screaming. It worked, by golly. The screaming stopped and he finally asked for a drink. Then a banana. Then some medicine because "my mouf hurts, Mama."

Today, he has a REALLY fat lip and he has to watch how he eats things so as not to hurt the lip, but I think we'll survive. If I can never see him that miserable again, that would be excellent.


  1. Poor baby. Lip wounds always look so bad and they look like they hurt so much.

  2. Poor kid. Poor mommy! I bit my tongue almost in half when I was about 4 - apparently that bled a ton too, but there isn't anything they could do about it. You'd never know I did it, though - no scar and I talk as fast as ever. :) Monk will be ok, and it will be a story he can tell later on!