Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OB Update

My OB appointments are becoming slightly less mundane. Not in a good way.

Today, my blood pressure was 132/80. That combined with the epic swelling I've been experiencing has led the doctor to do another pre-e workup. In addition to the 2 vials of blood I lost today, I also have to do a 24-hour urine catch so they can check for total protein. Grrrreat. There was no protein or sugar in my urine at the appointment today, so I'm kind of annoyed at having to do a 24-hour catch. I want what's best for the baby, and I want to know that I'm healthy enough to carry her to term. I just feel like my doc is being REALLY cautious. She also wants me to start doing a BP log. Anything top number over 160 or bottom number over 100 sends me directly to the hospital.

I'm still way down on weight gain. She's cool with that, considering my starting weight. I'm considered healthy right now, not obese. Yay me.

I'm only measuring ONE week ahead now, instead of four. Just a week. This is good.

Based on the results of my last ultrasound (26 weeks), she is going to talk with another doctor at the practice about the fact that the dates might be wrong.

We talked about my delivery fears. She really discourages planned c-sections. She had one herself, and found the recovery to be miserable. She told me that we'll try vaginally (unless a condition arises that requires a c-section, like a ridiculously large baby or an emergency due to pre-e), and that if I don't progress or the baby doesn't engage, I can ask for a c-section at any time. Assuming, of course, that I haven't passed the point of no return. I'm satisfied with this.

I know this sounds silly coming from a former infertile, but I also signed the paperwork for a tubal today. Pregnancy has not agreed with my body, we don't want to split our time/attention/money between three children, and we only have a three bedroom house. We have talked about it at length, and feel that a tubal is the best option. A doctor in Germany (when J was stationed there in the army) once told J that the odds of him ever fathering a child were slim to none. J can't remember the exact explanation, but it had to do with broken blood vessels. I'm guessing a varicocele. Without being terribly blunt, I think it was more of a consistency issue for him. We changed a few things, changed the consistency, and kerblammo, we were pregnant. I honestly think that the odds of that happening again are slim to none, but we really want to be sure without me having to suck down hormonal birth control (or temp) for the rest of my menstruating life. SO tubal will be done the day after delivery, unless I have a c-section, in which case they'll just do it while they're in there.

I'm off to bed now. We bought a 1977 Corvette yesterday and spent most of the day driving around. It was spectacular, and I think it wore us both out. (That, or giving both dogs a bath tonight.)

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  1. It's not odd, at least not to me. Then again, I had wanted a tubal but couldn't get it because the hospital required 30 days notice. My husband just had his vasectomy done on Friday. :) I don't want to have my next one at 40 (if it takes as long as this one did) or conversely end up with 2 under 2! Husband volunteered, saying that since he was damn near infertile anyways we may as well make it official.

    Here's to hoping that all goes well from here on out - no eclampsia, no c-section, nada. :)