Saturday, May 7, 2011

That's What I'm Talking About!!

You know that thing you guys did yesterday where you came and told me that I belong, no matter what? That's exactly what I needed. Seriously. Thank you.

Today seemed like a looooong day. J woke up sick and came back to bed, which he never does. When I got up with Monkey at about 8, he didn't even notice. He was dead to the world. Then, around 10 or so, he went BACK to bed and stayed there til almost 2 this afternoon. He was a sick puppy. I think he might have had a stomach bug or something. He felt worlds better after his morning and afternoon in bed, so it was worth it.

Of course, I felt kinda half crappy and so did Monkey. The dogs were their normal obnoxious selves. It was a long day til he got up and rejoined the party. He offered me a nap when he got up, but I just kinda felt like I needed to suck it up. Parenthood ain't always a walk in the park...

Monkey has never had a "store bought" hair cut. I have always just buzzed his head with a #4 guard on a regular trimmer. We decided to do it tonight. Biiiig mistake. Well, not huge, but it wasn't good either. His adoption finalizes in ten days, which means he'll be in court. And we have portraits scheduled for that afternoon. We'll have to tighten up the hair around his ears before that day. Ugh. I bribed him with cookies AND ice cream, and J and I still couldn't get him to sit still long enough.

I decided to go do my GTT this coming Monday. Since I may be feeling sick after (as you guys pointed out), I might as well do it on a day that I can come back home and go to bed. Monkey will be with his dad that day and I don't have anything scheduled for the afternoon. I love a good excuse to go back to bed anyway. I'm not excited about the test at all. And everyone has different advice to offer - you'll fail it on an empty stomach and you'll fail it if you have breakfast. I can't win. But I REALLY don't want to do the 3-hour.

Okay, Monkey is sleeping and J is done with all his J-stuff and it is now time to sit down with Netflix, Bones (season 3), and my sweetheart. Good way to wind down....


  1. My doctor said to eat protein for breakfast. Also, that will help you not feel like total crap afterward.

  2. Ask your doc about whether to eat or not - it CAN affect the test outcome and different docs want different things. For my 1-hour I ate and failed the test, but for my 3-hour I did not eat and passed. Odd, but still how it turned out. Another friend of mine was not allowed to eat before her 1-hour and she passed...yet another ate and passed. *shrug* I'd ask just to be sure!