Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I. The Shower

The shower was wonderful. We were completely overwhelmed with the generosity of our family and friends. My mom told everyone that we needed receiving blankets and crib sheets... Apparently everyone thought everyone else was getting those. Almost everyone bought clothes and diapers. It was actually funny. By the time it was over, J and I were both completely exhausted, and we had so many gift bags that the back of our SUV was completely full. Monk was the only thing that kept us from going to bed at 6pm.

II. The Test Results

All the blood work was good. The doctor's office called at 9am today with the urine protein results. Pre-e is diagnosed at 300mg of protein. I'm at 257mg right now. I asked her to look at my results from a month ago when I did the last 24 hour catch, and it was 232mg then. It's coming up, slowly. At this rate, I *should* be able to make it to my due date without developing full pre-e. I'm guessing that this wasn't my last 24 hour catch. They'll repeat my blood work every couple weeks, most likely, to make sure that my kidneys are holding steady. If anything looks amiss, they'll take her early.

III. The Baby

According to the internet (and my last ultrasound), she should be over 5 pounds this week. That would mean that she wouldn't have much of a NICU stay should she be born now. That is SUCH a relief. That is assuming, of course, that she's eating and breathing on her own and we don't have any problems with infection or the like. I'll take those odds. She's getting a bit less active as time goes on. Some days are more active than others. I keep wondering if she's resting up to make her big debut.

IV. The New Car

The more we drive it, the more we love it. J's statement was that he should have bought a Nitro years ago. It's so much bigger than it looks from the outside, and it's just so damn functional. Buying tires, brake pads, and a performance air filter next week, then it'll be even better. Yay!

V. Bed Rest

This is boring. I just eat, drink water, and sit on my butt. Blah. I did get permission to jump my husband on occasion though. Now we just need to stay awake long enough for such things. We're both exhausted lately. I think it might just be the stress of the tail end of pregnancy.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Since I haven't been to sleep yet, it is technically still Friday night. It is really truly still Friday night in the central time zone. I'm using that as a fall-back. Not my fault I live so close to the east coast.
  • My baby shower is tomorrow. That feels totally bizarre.
  • I got my blood test results. I had to go about it in kind of a backwards way, but I did it. The stupid lab had the results within an hour, but sat around NOT faxing them for another 2-3 hours. Of course, by that point, the doctor was out for the day. So... I called L&D at my hospital. I explained that they were testing me for HELLP and since I really didn't want to die at my baby shower, could they please give me my results. They did. I'm fine.
  • Starting another 24 hour urine catch in the morning. My life is exciting.
  • My son said "damn it" today. In proper context. Oops. Since he was already in time out (hence the frustration), there wasn't a ton I could do about it. We just had a talk about "grown up words" and how he shouldn't even have to hear them, but he definitely shouldn't repeat them.
  • I'd like to blame Mark, but it could just as well be my own stinking fault.
  • My foot hurts like a mother. I haven't done anything to it. I've been sitting on my butt, so it's pretty hard to hurt a toe. The place where my big toe attaches to my foot is just all achy and owie. I hope it stops soon.
  • The contractions seem to be getting better. Granted, I don't get up and move around a lot, which is what seems to set them off, but my body seems slightly more tolerant of movement now.
  • The Critter is still squirming away in her humble abode. I'm so anxious to hold her.
  • A couple days ago, I was putting away freshly washed baby clothes. I still don't think I believe that I'm going to get a newborn baby of my very own. Monk was 8 months old when he came home, so this tiny baby business is new to me.
  • Still terrified of labor. For real.
  • I should get some sleep. Monk will be up in less than 8 hours, and for some reason, he thinks I should be up too. Maybe I'll update after my shower....
  • P.S., I think my child will be born around the middle of July. Just want to get that out there so no one calls me crazy later.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Kind of Bummed

First, someone left a comment on my last post trying to drag me into a fundraiser. Don't come into MY space, especially on an entry that is full of emotional stuff for me, and ask me for money. Seriously. It's just rude.

Second, I started having frothy urine last night. This can apparently be a really good sign of shedding protein. I called my OB's office (as directed by the internet), and she ordered more blood work. They're testing everything, basically. Starting another 24-hour urine catch tomorrow.

Tomorrow, of course, is my baby shower. If I have to pee during that time, I'll have to do it in a jug. I know it sounds stupid and small, but I'm really bothered by this.

I'm already tired of bed rest, and I'm only on modified bed rest. I can't imagine how hard it is for women who are on strict or hospital bed rest. It has to be really really hard. Especially with other children. Without Monk, I could manage a bit better. I guess I just feel like I'm letting him down by not being able to play like we used to, and I'm letting the baby down if I don't stay put. I can't win for losing.

Instead of more bitching, I'm going to go watch Wonder Pets with Monk. He tries to do the little cheer at the beginning. It's ridiculously cute. I kind of just want to repeatedly watch the beginning so he'll keep cheering.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever

I should post so much more often, but I have the WORST case of baby brain. I just can't seem to function.

It's been an eventful 12 days or so since I last posted. Monday, we took Monk to the pediatric dental surgeon for his root canal. Luckily, we didn't have to have ANY work done. The original dentist didn't do x-rays, and just assumed that the discoloration was decay due to a broken root. The new dentist did x-rays and found that the discoloration is basically a bruise within the tooth. No signs of decay. We made it out with just x-rays. They were still kind of traumatic because Mark had to hold Monk down for them, but at least there was no sedation or surgery.

I got back home, Mark and Monk went home, J was helping his friend on his farm waaay outside of cell coverage. Of course, that is when my body chose to start having contractions. I drove myself to the hospital and they put me on the monitors - letting me know that if my water had broken or if I had more than 6 contractions an hour, I would be airlifted to the nearest hospital with a NICU (which is like an hour from my house). They tested for amniotic fluid, and I wasn't leaking. I had 4 contractions in the hour I was on the monitors. It appears that my last round of antibiotics didn't kill the urinary tract infection. They think my inflamed bladder is causing contractions. They put me on bed rest until my appointment this morning...

Went to the OB this morning (32w4d) and my blood pressure is still creeping upwards. The first time they took it, it was 144/84. The doctor checked my cervix (closed, not softening, this is good), measured me (at 35.5 weeks), and checked for her heartbeat (155, just like always). I had a mini meltdown and told her about how I feel like I'm letting J and The Critter down by sucking at pregnancy. She assured me that sometimes, things just happen, and that it's normal to feel this way. She even kind of teared up when she was recalling her own pregnancy issues. They took my blood pressure again at the end of the visit, and it had dropped to 138/80. Enough that they let me go and didn't make me start drugs.

I have to go later this week or beginning of next week for another pre-e workup and 24 hour urine catch. She really thinks I'm going to end up with pre-e, we just haven't had clinical proof yet. I'm also on modified bed rest until my next appointment, mostly for the blood pressure issues. I'm allowed to get out of my bed, I just can't do anything but sit on the couch and get up to pee. Exciting!

At this point, no one seems to think that I'm staying pregnant until August 13, which was the original due date. If I end up with pre-e, they will likely induce or do a scheduled c-section for sometime between 36-38 weeks. Even without that, she thinks I may just go into labor early all on my own. Damn good thing I got all the furniture and the car seat...

We traded in our truck yesterday. I love the new car - don't get me wrong. We had to have a 4x4 that both car seats would fit in. Winters here aren't kind. But that truck? J picked me up for our first date in that truck. We spent hours by the lake, til the wee small hours of morning, talking and learning about each other in that truck. In all honesty, we made love in that truck. It was OUR truck. It was where I fell in love with him. And we had to trade it in. I'm bummed. I'll miss it. But, as I told him, I may have fallen in love with him in that truck, but we will bring our daughter home in the new one. It's just a new chapter of us.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: One Of Those Days

  • The not-hot tub is finished! We filled it three times before we were done, due to various plumbing issues, but it works now. We're quite pleased.
  • We found that it's the perfect size for our tiny yard. We couldn't have one of those vinyl pool things because the dogs would eat it, and our yard is too small for a regular pool. This is an excellent compromise.
  • Monkey, until today, had done really well with it. He's afraid of the water, but I got him one of those swim suit/life vest thingies and it was working out.
  • Today, we had some family over for a cookout, and Monk managed to ruin my evening by refusing to put on his swim suit so we could go in the pool. Rule is no floaties, no swimming.
  • Of course, since he refused to get dressed, it meant I didn't get to get in the pool.
  • A wise person does not deny a pregnant woman water when it's 90 degrees outside.
  • For those of you with toddlers... Do you ever have a perfectly reasonable tiny human before nap, then a complete holy terror evil hell beast after nap? We've had a lot of days like that lately, and I just don't understand. He was tired, I put him down, he slept, he woke up, he was a different kid. Blah.
  • Feet... HUGE. Scary huge. Not even gonna bother worrying about it because apparently I just suck at being pregnant.
  • The OB gave me a script for Pepcid. That's awesome, yes? Except the fact that I can only take it 10 days at a time. Fuck that noise.
  • 31 weeks tomorrow. Only 9 weeks until I can finally hold my second child and never be pregnant again. YAY.
  • It sucks to be emotionally DONE already. I just want to hide somewhere and cry. I feel like crap, the legs that used to be some of the best in the county (no joke) are now completely misshapen and they HURT, and I can't even think about food without getting heartburn. I'm done. I can do another 9 weeks, right? Pep talk, anyone?
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I had to take off my wedding rings yesterday. Really, I guess I should be grateful that I was able to wear them up to 30 weeks. My doctor recommended that I take them off after she saw my fluid retention. Sure enough, they were pretty difficult to remove. Since I likely won't be able to wear them until some unforeseen date after her birth, I needed to find another option. I LOVE my wedding set. J and I picked them out together and it was the only piece that made us both light up. Those are THE rings for me. Buying a cheap ring in a larger size wasn't the right choice for me personally. So my husband, sweet loving soul that he is, cut down the chain on his dog tags from the Army and they are now around my neck. He served for 20 years, through two previous marriages and god only knows how many courtships... And he had never given anyone his tags. He gave them to me when we were dating, before we found out about the pregnancy. I just didn't wear them because the chain was SO long. Last night, he cut it down so it's comfortable.

He's a good husband. I like him.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OB: 30w3d

Guess who is measuring 4 weeks ahead again... Oh yeah, it's me. I am measuring somewhere between 34-35 weeks. They're doing an ultrasound one week from today to check on her size. They did tell me today that no matter what her size is or how far ahead either one of us measure, they won't change our due date. Ever. So if I already have a six pound fetus, they are still saying she isn't due for another 10 weeks. Fucking brilliant.

I actually took pictures of my giant feet last night so the doctor could see just how bad it gets. J calls it scary big. She looked at them, her eyes got the size of golf balls, and she was like, "Wow. That's HUGE! I'm sorry." End of discussion.

BP was 136/75. At the ER, it was down to 98/47. Just all depends on what I'm doing and who I'm with, I guess.

I'm in a really truly horrible mood today. I'm tired of not having any shoes that fit because my feet are fucking cartoon big. I want to go out with my husband tonight, but I HAVE to wear flip flops. Nothing else will fit. I have 3 shirts that I can really wear out. There is a 4th, but it has long sleeves. All my normal pre-pregnancy shirts are WAY too short. People who can wear their normal clothes all through pregnancy must have dressed in parachutes before - that's all I've got to say. I have 3 pairs of maternity pants. Aside from yoga pants and pajamas, that's all I've got to wear. I'm just tired of being beat to shit, I guess. I want her here, I want her healthy, and I want to never be pregnant again. Oh, and I want all of it to happen right now.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Scheduled Monk's dental appointment today. June 20 (West Virginia Day), he will get all his work done. I equally dread it and look forward to it (only because then it will be over). I cried like a fool just hearing about the procedure. Blah...

I ordered several things today. Crib, mattress, changing table, glider, bedding, pack & play, and car seat. Can't wait to have a baby to put in them...

Went to the ER yesterday because, no shit, I just didn't feel good. My blood pressure was ridiculously low, my heart rate ridiculously fast, and they decided I was primarily dehydrated. A bag of fluids and a urinalysis later, they decided I also had a pretty yucky UTI. Antibiotics for 10 days and I should be all better.

Off to the OB tomorrow. 30 weeks, only 10 left. I'm stoked.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • We took Monk to the dentist today. The news was mixed... The tooth is dying, due to root damage during the fall. Bad. The good news is that we can save the tooth (good), but it requires a baby root canal (bad) and a resin crown for cosmetics. This will keep the tooth intact and looking normal until his adult tooth comes in.
  • I have cried over this a lot. I feel like it's all my fault. Kids fall, I understand that... But this is MY kid, and it was in MY house, and his tooth is impacted now for the next 3 years or so. Sad.
  • I think Tucker (whom we believe to be a rottweiler/beagle mix) has a p.eni.s infection. We're working on getting him in to see a vet tomorrow. There is an emergency vet, but they charge $125 just to walk in the door - that doesn't count treatment. I don't have that in my budget right now, thanks to several other things I didn't have room for in my budget.
  • The next time someone asks Tucker's breed, I'm going to tell them he's a teacup rottweiler. He looks like a rott, but he's only 40 pounds. I think it would be funny.
  • The hot tub is finally almost finished. My dear J has busted his ass on this thing and we're almost at payoff point. We're not going to heat it this year, as I'm not allowed in hot tubs due to blood pressure concerns, but it'll make a kickass soaking pool this summer.
  • The heartburn keeps getting worse. Woke up choking on stomach acid again last night, with more nose-tube involvement. OUCH.
  • I really love my husband quite a lot. I've been an emotional train wreck lately, and he's been working a lot, so it feels like we're distant sometimes. But there are still moments where I just about fall over when I realize how much I love him. A lot. He's my favorite husband ever.
  • Did I mention that the not-hot tub has 20 jets, fiber optic lighting, and a lion head fountain? I can't stop thinking about how awesome it is. I'm stoked.
  • Unfortunately, I must go now because I'm also suddenly starving. (You know you're in the third trimester when, the more you eat, the hungrier you get...)
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stay Puft

I'm feeling a lot like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man lately. My ankles are gone, replaced entirely with cankles. My feet are huge and my toes are like sausages that happen to stick off the end of the massive foot-structure. This is not amusing. Good news is that all the pre-e testing came back clean. I'm good to go. Blood pressure at home isn't elevated, so I really should be fine. Maybe I've just developed white coat hypertension? I had an ultrasound of my leg yesterday to check for blood clots, thanks to all this puffiness. No clots either. My theory is that I'm overweight, pregnant, and it's 90 degrees outside. Find me someone meeting those criteria who ISN'T swollen.

I'm taking Monk to the dentist tomorrow. I noticed this afternoon that his left front tooth is discolored - kind of gray in comparison with his other bright white toddler teeth. Pretty sure he damaged the root/blood supply for that tooth during the big fall-and-bust-his-mouth incident a couple weeks ago. This SUCKS. I feel insanely guilty. I realize that I can't protect him from everything in his world, but I still feel so so responsible for this. I just can't deal with the thought that his fall may have wrecked that tooth for good. I also realize it's a baby tooth, but still. I don't want it to decay away before his adult teeth begin to erupt. I'm stressing in a big way. I suppose there's not much I can do now aside from take him to the dentist and see what happens. Feeling like a failure today.

I've had some stabby kind of pains in my cervix today. Last night brought some nifty BH, and one even kind of hurt a little. Doc said to go to L&D if there are more than 4 in an hour, but they stopped at 3. Then I went to sleep. Today, in the car, it kind of felt like The Critter was stabbing me in the cervix with a toothpick. I called my OB's office and the nurse said to prepare for all kinds of weird aches and pains now that I've entered the third trimester. No real worries unless there's a fluid leak, blood, or regular contractions. Of course, she told me that I can always go to L&D to be checked if I'm very concerned. Of course I'm concerned - I would like this baby to stay on the inside until she's old enough to avoid a NICU stay. Not only is that what's best for her, but there's also the fact that my state has TWO NICUs, and the closest one is 90 minutes from my house. Not exactly convenient. So, dear fetus, stay put til at least 36 weeks, okee dokee? Thank you very much. (That also buys mama enough time to buy that crib we keep talking about.)