Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: One Of Those Days

  • The not-hot tub is finished! We filled it three times before we were done, due to various plumbing issues, but it works now. We're quite pleased.
  • We found that it's the perfect size for our tiny yard. We couldn't have one of those vinyl pool things because the dogs would eat it, and our yard is too small for a regular pool. This is an excellent compromise.
  • Monkey, until today, had done really well with it. He's afraid of the water, but I got him one of those swim suit/life vest thingies and it was working out.
  • Today, we had some family over for a cookout, and Monk managed to ruin my evening by refusing to put on his swim suit so we could go in the pool. Rule is no floaties, no swimming.
  • Of course, since he refused to get dressed, it meant I didn't get to get in the pool.
  • A wise person does not deny a pregnant woman water when it's 90 degrees outside.
  • For those of you with toddlers... Do you ever have a perfectly reasonable tiny human before nap, then a complete holy terror evil hell beast after nap? We've had a lot of days like that lately, and I just don't understand. He was tired, I put him down, he slept, he woke up, he was a different kid. Blah.
  • Feet... HUGE. Scary huge. Not even gonna bother worrying about it because apparently I just suck at being pregnant.
  • The OB gave me a script for Pepcid. That's awesome, yes? Except the fact that I can only take it 10 days at a time. Fuck that noise.
  • 31 weeks tomorrow. Only 9 weeks until I can finally hold my second child and never be pregnant again. YAY.
  • It sucks to be emotionally DONE already. I just want to hide somewhere and cry. I feel like crap, the legs that used to be some of the best in the county (no joke) are now completely misshapen and they HURT, and I can't even think about food without getting heartburn. I'm done. I can do another 9 weeks, right? Pep talk, anyone?
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  1. You can do it! You can do it!

    Our girls often wake up from naptimes like total crabs. I just don't get it.