Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Since I haven't been to sleep yet, it is technically still Friday night. It is really truly still Friday night in the central time zone. I'm using that as a fall-back. Not my fault I live so close to the east coast.
  • My baby shower is tomorrow. That feels totally bizarre.
  • I got my blood test results. I had to go about it in kind of a backwards way, but I did it. The stupid lab had the results within an hour, but sat around NOT faxing them for another 2-3 hours. Of course, by that point, the doctor was out for the day. So... I called L&D at my hospital. I explained that they were testing me for HELLP and since I really didn't want to die at my baby shower, could they please give me my results. They did. I'm fine.
  • Starting another 24 hour urine catch in the morning. My life is exciting.
  • My son said "damn it" today. In proper context. Oops. Since he was already in time out (hence the frustration), there wasn't a ton I could do about it. We just had a talk about "grown up words" and how he shouldn't even have to hear them, but he definitely shouldn't repeat them.
  • I'd like to blame Mark, but it could just as well be my own stinking fault.
  • My foot hurts like a mother. I haven't done anything to it. I've been sitting on my butt, so it's pretty hard to hurt a toe. The place where my big toe attaches to my foot is just all achy and owie. I hope it stops soon.
  • The contractions seem to be getting better. Granted, I don't get up and move around a lot, which is what seems to set them off, but my body seems slightly more tolerant of movement now.
  • The Critter is still squirming away in her humble abode. I'm so anxious to hold her.
  • A couple days ago, I was putting away freshly washed baby clothes. I still don't think I believe that I'm going to get a newborn baby of my very own. Monk was 8 months old when he came home, so this tiny baby business is new to me.
  • Still terrified of labor. For real.
  • I should get some sleep. Monk will be up in less than 8 hours, and for some reason, he thinks I should be up too. Maybe I'll update after my shower....
  • P.S., I think my child will be born around the middle of July. Just want to get that out there so no one calls me crazy later.
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  1. People make labor sounds so much worse than it actually is. Hold on to that thought. If you had to do it, and you hadn't heard anyone else's stories and didn't know what to expect, you'd find it completely do-able. It's hearing others' stories that is scaring you. Trust your body and your doctor. You'll be fine.

    Hope you have an amazing baby shower!

  2. Horray for a baby shower! Being "on stage" is such a weird feeling, especially when everyone is gifting and loving on you.

    My youngest said "God Damn It" after the dog peed in the house the other day. Not my proudest moment as a mother.