Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Kind of Bummed

First, someone left a comment on my last post trying to drag me into a fundraiser. Don't come into MY space, especially on an entry that is full of emotional stuff for me, and ask me for money. Seriously. It's just rude.

Second, I started having frothy urine last night. This can apparently be a really good sign of shedding protein. I called my OB's office (as directed by the internet), and she ordered more blood work. They're testing everything, basically. Starting another 24-hour urine catch tomorrow.

Tomorrow, of course, is my baby shower. If I have to pee during that time, I'll have to do it in a jug. I know it sounds stupid and small, but I'm really bothered by this.

I'm already tired of bed rest, and I'm only on modified bed rest. I can't imagine how hard it is for women who are on strict or hospital bed rest. It has to be really really hard. Especially with other children. Without Monk, I could manage a bit better. I guess I just feel like I'm letting him down by not being able to play like we used to, and I'm letting the baby down if I don't stay put. I can't win for losing.

Instead of more bitching, I'm going to go watch Wonder Pets with Monk. He tries to do the little cheer at the beginning. It's ridiculously cute. I kind of just want to repeatedly watch the beginning so he'll keep cheering.


  1. I got that same comment, on this post: I deleted it. I get that someone is trying to do a nice thing, but READ the post you are leaving it on first. I thought putting it on that one of all my posts was out of line.

  2. They're going through Mel's list and leaving comments on everyone, it appears. I got one on both of my blogs listed. Idiots. One of them is a cancer blog that hasn't had a post in almost a year!

    I hope your shower is fabulous!