Monday, June 6, 2011


Scheduled Monk's dental appointment today. June 20 (West Virginia Day), he will get all his work done. I equally dread it and look forward to it (only because then it will be over). I cried like a fool just hearing about the procedure. Blah...

I ordered several things today. Crib, mattress, changing table, glider, bedding, pack & play, and car seat. Can't wait to have a baby to put in them...

Went to the ER yesterday because, no shit, I just didn't feel good. My blood pressure was ridiculously low, my heart rate ridiculously fast, and they decided I was primarily dehydrated. A bag of fluids and a urinalysis later, they decided I also had a pretty yucky UTI. Antibiotics for 10 days and I should be all better.

Off to the OB tomorrow. 30 weeks, only 10 left. I'm stoked.

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