Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I. The Shower

The shower was wonderful. We were completely overwhelmed with the generosity of our family and friends. My mom told everyone that we needed receiving blankets and crib sheets... Apparently everyone thought everyone else was getting those. Almost everyone bought clothes and diapers. It was actually funny. By the time it was over, J and I were both completely exhausted, and we had so many gift bags that the back of our SUV was completely full. Monk was the only thing that kept us from going to bed at 6pm.

II. The Test Results

All the blood work was good. The doctor's office called at 9am today with the urine protein results. Pre-e is diagnosed at 300mg of protein. I'm at 257mg right now. I asked her to look at my results from a month ago when I did the last 24 hour catch, and it was 232mg then. It's coming up, slowly. At this rate, I *should* be able to make it to my due date without developing full pre-e. I'm guessing that this wasn't my last 24 hour catch. They'll repeat my blood work every couple weeks, most likely, to make sure that my kidneys are holding steady. If anything looks amiss, they'll take her early.

III. The Baby

According to the internet (and my last ultrasound), she should be over 5 pounds this week. That would mean that she wouldn't have much of a NICU stay should she be born now. That is SUCH a relief. That is assuming, of course, that she's eating and breathing on her own and we don't have any problems with infection or the like. I'll take those odds. She's getting a bit less active as time goes on. Some days are more active than others. I keep wondering if she's resting up to make her big debut.

IV. The New Car

The more we drive it, the more we love it. J's statement was that he should have bought a Nitro years ago. It's so much bigger than it looks from the outside, and it's just so damn functional. Buying tires, brake pads, and a performance air filter next week, then it'll be even better. Yay!

V. Bed Rest

This is boring. I just eat, drink water, and sit on my butt. Blah. I did get permission to jump my husband on occasion though. Now we just need to stay awake long enough for such things. We're both exhausted lately. I think it might just be the stress of the tail end of pregnancy.


  1. Colson wasn't very active the last...8 weeks or so. I think he ran out of room! All he could do was roll from side to side and he took full advantage of that. I'm surprised his butt didn't bruise my ribs! So yeah, as long as she's still moving, she's ok. :)

    People told me I would need a lot of receiving blankets, but I didn't really use them except as burp rags or to cover him in the carrier. For sleeping he was in a sleep sack - because he's a Houdini baby and got out of the swaddle in < 45 seconds! Sheets, though, you'll want those. I have 4 and they fit both the changing table and the bassinet...and I've had days where we've gone through all of them! He's not in the crib yet - not until he's 6 months probably - but I only have 2 sets for that. Need more!

  2. They really do slow down on movement at the end, and it's definitely a space issue. Miss M moved very little toward the end, except to jam her bony little knees under my ribcage with great regularity.

    I only used receiving blankets to cover me while nursing in public, and I was all about the sleepsack, too--so much easier than receiving blankets, and they make light-as-a-feather summer ones for hot weather. Sheets, meh--your mileage may vary. We've got a million sets, and have never had an emergency cause us to change them. We never have accidents (which I atribute to using Pampers and going up a size slightly before the package recommends that you do).

    I hope everything stays quiet, boring and uneventful for you for many weeks to come!

  3. Okay, I'm starting to worry. Post something!