Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I had to take off my wedding rings yesterday. Really, I guess I should be grateful that I was able to wear them up to 30 weeks. My doctor recommended that I take them off after she saw my fluid retention. Sure enough, they were pretty difficult to remove. Since I likely won't be able to wear them until some unforeseen date after her birth, I needed to find another option. I LOVE my wedding set. J and I picked them out together and it was the only piece that made us both light up. Those are THE rings for me. Buying a cheap ring in a larger size wasn't the right choice for me personally. So my husband, sweet loving soul that he is, cut down the chain on his dog tags from the Army and they are now around my neck. He served for 20 years, through two previous marriages and god only knows how many courtships... And he had never given anyone his tags. He gave them to me when we were dating, before we found out about the pregnancy. I just didn't wear them because the chain was SO long. Last night, he cut it down so it's comfortable.

He's a good husband. I like him.

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