Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stay Puft

I'm feeling a lot like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man lately. My ankles are gone, replaced entirely with cankles. My feet are huge and my toes are like sausages that happen to stick off the end of the massive foot-structure. This is not amusing. Good news is that all the pre-e testing came back clean. I'm good to go. Blood pressure at home isn't elevated, so I really should be fine. Maybe I've just developed white coat hypertension? I had an ultrasound of my leg yesterday to check for blood clots, thanks to all this puffiness. No clots either. My theory is that I'm overweight, pregnant, and it's 90 degrees outside. Find me someone meeting those criteria who ISN'T swollen.

I'm taking Monk to the dentist tomorrow. I noticed this afternoon that his left front tooth is discolored - kind of gray in comparison with his other bright white toddler teeth. Pretty sure he damaged the root/blood supply for that tooth during the big fall-and-bust-his-mouth incident a couple weeks ago. This SUCKS. I feel insanely guilty. I realize that I can't protect him from everything in his world, but I still feel so so responsible for this. I just can't deal with the thought that his fall may have wrecked that tooth for good. I also realize it's a baby tooth, but still. I don't want it to decay away before his adult teeth begin to erupt. I'm stressing in a big way. I suppose there's not much I can do now aside from take him to the dentist and see what happens. Feeling like a failure today.

I've had some stabby kind of pains in my cervix today. Last night brought some nifty BH, and one even kind of hurt a little. Doc said to go to L&D if there are more than 4 in an hour, but they stopped at 3. Then I went to sleep. Today, in the car, it kind of felt like The Critter was stabbing me in the cervix with a toothpick. I called my OB's office and the nurse said to prepare for all kinds of weird aches and pains now that I've entered the third trimester. No real worries unless there's a fluid leak, blood, or regular contractions. Of course, she told me that I can always go to L&D to be checked if I'm very concerned. Of course I'm concerned - I would like this baby to stay on the inside until she's old enough to avoid a NICU stay. Not only is that what's best for her, but there's also the fact that my state has TWO NICUs, and the closest one is 90 minutes from my house. Not exactly convenient. So, dear fetus, stay put til at least 36 weeks, okee dokee? Thank you very much. (That also buys mama enough time to buy that crib we keep talking about.)


  1. I swear that someone smuggled my son a pair of daggers, and that there was a target painted on my cervix. That, and I think he thought it was a mosh pit, what with all the thrashing around he did. And apparently? It's all normal. I had it starting about mid-second tri all the way until I delivered him.

  2. Yep. The Mini pirate with the tiny sword is a little uncomfortable! Drink loads of Gatorade and put your feet up!

    Only 2 NICU's in the whole state? Surely not?!