Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever

I should post so much more often, but I have the WORST case of baby brain. I just can't seem to function.

It's been an eventful 12 days or so since I last posted. Monday, we took Monk to the pediatric dental surgeon for his root canal. Luckily, we didn't have to have ANY work done. The original dentist didn't do x-rays, and just assumed that the discoloration was decay due to a broken root. The new dentist did x-rays and found that the discoloration is basically a bruise within the tooth. No signs of decay. We made it out with just x-rays. They were still kind of traumatic because Mark had to hold Monk down for them, but at least there was no sedation or surgery.

I got back home, Mark and Monk went home, J was helping his friend on his farm waaay outside of cell coverage. Of course, that is when my body chose to start having contractions. I drove myself to the hospital and they put me on the monitors - letting me know that if my water had broken or if I had more than 6 contractions an hour, I would be airlifted to the nearest hospital with a NICU (which is like an hour from my house). They tested for amniotic fluid, and I wasn't leaking. I had 4 contractions in the hour I was on the monitors. It appears that my last round of antibiotics didn't kill the urinary tract infection. They think my inflamed bladder is causing contractions. They put me on bed rest until my appointment this morning...

Went to the OB this morning (32w4d) and my blood pressure is still creeping upwards. The first time they took it, it was 144/84. The doctor checked my cervix (closed, not softening, this is good), measured me (at 35.5 weeks), and checked for her heartbeat (155, just like always). I had a mini meltdown and told her about how I feel like I'm letting J and The Critter down by sucking at pregnancy. She assured me that sometimes, things just happen, and that it's normal to feel this way. She even kind of teared up when she was recalling her own pregnancy issues. They took my blood pressure again at the end of the visit, and it had dropped to 138/80. Enough that they let me go and didn't make me start drugs.

I have to go later this week or beginning of next week for another pre-e workup and 24 hour urine catch. She really thinks I'm going to end up with pre-e, we just haven't had clinical proof yet. I'm also on modified bed rest until my next appointment, mostly for the blood pressure issues. I'm allowed to get out of my bed, I just can't do anything but sit on the couch and get up to pee. Exciting!

At this point, no one seems to think that I'm staying pregnant until August 13, which was the original due date. If I end up with pre-e, they will likely induce or do a scheduled c-section for sometime between 36-38 weeks. Even without that, she thinks I may just go into labor early all on my own. Damn good thing I got all the furniture and the car seat...

We traded in our truck yesterday. I love the new car - don't get me wrong. We had to have a 4x4 that both car seats would fit in. Winters here aren't kind. But that truck? J picked me up for our first date in that truck. We spent hours by the lake, til the wee small hours of morning, talking and learning about each other in that truck. In all honesty, we made love in that truck. It was OUR truck. It was where I fell in love with him. And we had to trade it in. I'm bummed. I'll miss it. But, as I told him, I may have fallen in love with him in that truck, but we will bring our daughter home in the new one. It's just a new chapter of us.


  1. They were doubtful I would last the full 40 weeks too and I went to 41 even with 2 attempts at induction! I was on NSTs for 8 weeks, just to be cautious and monitor me. You'll be FINE! Even if you go into labor on your own early, you'll be fine! *hugs*

  2. Well, I am glad everything is still going well. I hope things go smoothly from here!

  3. You've been on bedrest for almost two weeks, and you haven't blogged?!! What on earth have you been doing! I'm glad to hear from you, though, and see that things are okay-ish. You'll be fine, and so will the babe, even if she comes a little early. Now sit back and relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while you (relatively) have some!

  4. Your journey has given me a better appreciation of the difficulties that can be encountered in pregnancy. I forgot how I found your blog, but your story is really interesting. I like your baby-gaga strip. Good luck.