Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Had an OB appointment yesterday, with a doctor I haven't seen since 12 weeks or so. Maybe 16. I realized that I do not miss him.

He refused to check my cervix, stating that he wouldn't do it again until 38 weeks. He had zero interest in the fact that I'm 36 weeks (at a point where weight gain should slow down or even stop) and I gained more weight in a WEEK than I did in two weeks previously (4 pounds in 6 days). That's a fuckload of fluid, ladies and gentlemen. I have also moved from just annoyingly huge edema to pitting edema. I laid my legs across J's lap on the couch the other day, like I usually do. He rested his hands on my shin/calf, like he always does... Except when he moved them, there was a perfect imprint of both hands on my leg. About 1/8-1/4 inch deep. Awesome.

Everyone I talk to who DOESN'T work at my practice has asked me when they're going to take her, because my body is obviously not doing well with this. And my practice keeps saying that they will not do a damn thing before 39 weeks.

Last night, the circumference of my ankles surpassed that of my knees. My legs were numb to the touch from mid-calf down.

But I'll be fine for another 3 weeks. The fucking doctor said so.

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