Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Alive and Pregnant

Queenie pointed out that I haven't posted... Sorry. I think I've reached the "I just don't give a fuck" portion of my pregnancy. I'm miserable, my body hurts, I have contractions every day, and I still stay pregnant. Guess I'm just tired of talking about it. I'm tired of people tracking me down on Facebook to ask if I'm still pregnant. I'm tired of text messages and phone calls. I'm just tired. Of everything.

I went to the OB on Wednesday (34w4d), and she checked my cervix. It was "very mushy" but still posterior, and she confirmed that the baby is engaging. No sugar or protein in my urine at all. Blood pressure was in the 130's over 80's, where it stays most of the time now.

After the appointment, I had a lot of cramping and constant abdominal pain. I kept waiting for it to get better, but it only got worse. I had the expecting brownish blood after the cervix check, but no other bleeding or anything. In the evening, I was miserable, so I went ahead to L&D to make sure I was okay. The nurse checked me again, and my cervix was still closed, but had become very anterior and she could feel the baby pressing against it. She's THAT low. I was on the monitor for about 30 minutes, and had 2 contractions. Not enough to do anything about. The urine test, of course, came back bad. I'm on my third bottle of Macrobid in six weeks, I think. Wicked awesome.

Had quite a few painful contractions last night, but the closest they got was 7 minutes, and that only lasted for 3 contractions. Then it was 15 minutes, then 21, then 30, then 50. Then all done, and off to bed.

I want to go for a walk to get things stimulated, but it's over 90 outside, and with the blood pressure problems I've already had, that seems unsafe. I don't want to endanger anyone, I just want my daughter OUT. Now. Soon. In the next couple days would be fantastic. I'm thinking about seeing if J would take me to the mall later so we can walk some. Maybe get things moving...

The full moon is Friday, and my mom is convinced that that will be the day. I would be okay with that if I KNEW it was happening. But this no-end-in-sight feeling is killing me. The soonest the OB will induce or anything is 39 weeks. That's 26 days. I go back on Wednesday (weekly appointments now) and I'm going to set a date for induction so I KNOW the end is near. So that I can say, if I haven't had her by such and such date, she will be here then. This restless nesting is driving me up the wall and the constant irregular contractions are wearing me out in a big way.

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  1. I totally hear you. I was like this for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. Starting at 36 weeks I was more than ready to be done, and the little bugger refused to come out anyways! And oh, the people who kept asking if I was still if I'd have the baby and not tell, right? I finally posted on my facebook "Seriously, people, I know you're excited. You can't want me to have this child any more than I do. Please stop asking me if I'm still pregnant. Did you see a post saying I was in labor or he'd been born? No? Then I'm still freaking pregnant! STOP ASKING ME!" I was excused for hormones. LOL

    The contractions are a bitch. The only thing that even remotely helped me was taking a bath. I took a LOT of baths! For your sake, I hope the child makes her appearance as soon as it's safe. *hugs* You aren't alone. You've reached the point all of us do, I think. *more hugs*