Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Posts in One Day? Really?

I went to my OB appointment. They did the GBS swab, measured fundal height, and checked my cervix. I am definitely 1cm dilated, and definitely about 75% effaced. The doctor (not the one I normally see, but they require you to see all 3 doctors who may be on call at delivery) grabbed The Critter by the butt from the outside, and wiggled her around. "Feels like a six pound baby to me." Then he told me her butt is in my liver most of the time. Ew. Liver butt.

For my birthday, I did get pretty good news. "The way things look, you definitely aren't going to go another month." Praise every cotton picking thing that is holy. And, "I'll see you next week, if you make it that far." I'm still holding out hope for Friday's full moon. J and I had our first date on a full moon, and we got married on a full moon. If this child has an ounce of style, she'll get here Friday sometime.

I've had several painful contractions. Nothing I can't deal with yet, and definitely nothing regular, but the cervix pain makes me think they are at least somewhat productive. I've been trying to move around as much as I can, but the swollen legs are pretty hurty. The project I'm currently taking a break from is cleaning up our bedroom and getting the hospital bag packed. The baby's bag is done and in her car seat, but I haven't even started on ours.

Anyway, after my appointment, we picked up Monk and met my aunt for lunch. The waitress overheard something about my birthday, and asked my name when I ordered. I told her, with the caveat, "If you sing to me, I'll hit you. I'm pregnant. I'm not kidding." When they brought the food, they hummed Happy Birthday instead. Touche.

Then we ran to Lowe's to get a few fittings that J needed. Monk has been really enjoying "helping" J dig in the yard lately. The big shovel is just too much for him and none of the department stores have a kids' shovel that is worth a damn. Lowe's totally did. We put it in the racecar cart with him, and he told everyone in the store, "Dis is my FAIBRIT (favorite) shovel!" After his nap, he will go dig in the dirt with J. He will be pleased.

Later, I think we're going to order pizza for dinner and maybe go out for ice cream. It's funny, when you become a parent. I don't care what happens "for me" on my birthday - no presents or special treatment or anything like that is necessary. What I really want is to see my son smile and laugh and play and have an amazing day.

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