Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Membrane Strip

I had my OB appointment yesterday (38w3d). She hadn't looked at my chart yet and had forgotten that I was dilating and effacing. She gave me the schedule for the induction and asked if we were doing Cervadil. I reminded her that at last check, I was 2cm. She immediately remembered that it was membrane stripping day. As nervous as I was about the strip, my BP was very good. Pretty pleased with that fact.

I read a lot online about having the procedure done. Some people said it was the most painful thing they had ever done, worse than childbirth, etc. Others said it didn't hurt at all. I had no clue what to expect. I can definitely say that it wasn't pleasant. It was much more painful than a regular cervical exam, but it kind of felt like ripping of bandaids or tape. Kind of a pulling, stinging feeling. Definitely uncomfortable, and it hurt, but by no means was it the worst thing I've ever been through.

She warned me that I might bleed a fair bit after the strip. I had zero bleeding. Now, last week, I had a regular exam (a rough one, with some stretching, but not like this) and I spotted for about 36 hours. This time, she specifically said I would be bleeding a lot, and there was nothing. Weird.

She also said that if I had intercourse, it would increase the odds of this working and putting me into labor within 24 hours, but that didn't happen. We finished at the doctor, went grocery shopping, and we were both exhausted. I think people forget what it feels like to be 38+ weeks pregnant. They tell you to have sex, but they can't possibly remember how very tired you are when they say that. Or how hard it is to move when you're this big.

Anyway, I had maybe 2 good contractions after she stripped me. One during the procedure, and another a few minutes later... Then they stopped. I had a lot of back pain last evening, and I was hoping it would turn into something much more painful like, say, childbirth, but it didn't. I went to bed and only woke up for my bathroom trips and Tums snacks.

If I haven't done anything by August 9, then we are to report to the hospital, bags packed, at 7:30am to begin an induction. That means that in six days, we will hold our daughter. I can't possibly wrap my mind around that.

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  1. Everything okay? I expected an update by now! Thinking good thoughts for you and your family.