Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: A Plague Upon Our House

  • Monkey was kind enough to get the sniffles. I noticed it last Thursday. By Friday night, J was mad sick. By Sunday night, I was sick. The baby remains perfectly healthy. Lucky baby.
  • Monk and I are much better. J has an appointment scheduled for Wednesday, but I still might make him go to the hospital before that. I'm relatively certain his cold has turned to bronchitis. Still no fever, but the hacking won't stop.
  • Em had her one month check-up yesterday. How is that possible?! I was just pregnant last week, it seems.
  • She is growing like a champ, up to 9lb 3oz and 23 inches long. She's 90% for height. Middle of the road for everything else.
  • Oh. Yeah. By the way. My kid is SO advanced that she is teething at 4 weeks old. The mind, it boggles. It's rare, but not unheard of in the least. I googled it when I noticed what looked like tooth buds at about 3 weeks, and there are other bloggers who mention it. Doc confirmed tooth buds yesterday.
  • She remains a blissed out baby. I am one lucky mama.
  • This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion. I graduated in 2002. Which means this is 9 years. There has been much Facebook drama over this fact because apparently, some people give a shit about high school reunions. I do not.
  • My current BFF (we barely knew each other's names in high school) married the senior class president, and she organized most of the weekend's events. She really would like me to go to the reunion to hang with her. The thing is, those people from high school? They were mean to me. I was overweight and my mom held down 2 minimum wage jobs to be able to pay the bills. My idea of a huge shopping trip came in the fall when the state gave us a $15o clothing voucher to spend on school clothes at Walmart. I wasn't like everyone else. Now, my life is absolutely perfect. We aren't rich by any means, and there's plenty of month left at the end of the money, but I am happy. So so happy. I have a husband that I'm thankful for every day and two amazing kids who found their way to me. I don't need Linkthe old high school crew in my life again. Ever.
  • Of course, there is a part of me who wants to go because I have become friends with a couple of people from high school since we graduated. Including my BFF. Yay Facebook!
  • I had my postpartum checkup yesterday, too. Yes, at 4 weeks. People seem to be astounded that the old 6-week rule doesn't still hold true. I had a relatively easy delivery without stitches - 4 weeks is good. Doc released me. I picked Monk up and put him on my hip at the absolute first opportunity. It felt good. (And reminded me how out of shape I got while gestating.)
  • J and the wee child are sleeping. I could be sleeping, but then I would be awake til the wee hours of the morning, and Em doesn't seem to care much about what time I went to bed. When she's hungry, she lets me know.
  • On the other hand, the doctor released me yesterday and J is starting to feel better and maybe being up all night wouldn't be a bad thing at all. I have missed him so much.
  • One year ago tonight, I saw him for the first time in my life. He walked into the bar that I worked at. I wasn't working that night, but my aunt and I had gone to watch karaoke. These two guys walked in... Big ugly creepy dude, and a hot bald guy. The place was packed, and our table had a few of the only empty seats in the joint, so the bald guy asked if they could sit with us. I told him they could. And then they did. And then my aunt bailed on me because she couldn't breathe in the smoky bar... And then the bald guy said something like, "I like your glasses." Eventually, we went separate directions. Later in the night, I saw him dancing with some other chick and it caused this weird pang of sadness. When they parted ways, it was my turn to ask if I could sit with him. He obliged. We sat there for an hour or more, nearly screaming over the loud music, trying to get to know each other. We danced. We talked some more. He kept my soda full (I was driving, so I couldn't be boozing). And then, at last call, he walked me to my car and gave me a kiss goodnight. It was another 2 weeks before we had a real first date, and even that wasn't a "date" as much as it was sitting in a truck by the lake talking til daybreak. But it was the beginning. The beginning of something more amazing than either of us ever could have imagined.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Because I Never Want to Forget

It's been super hot here the past couple days, and we've been closing the energy saver drapes in the living room to keep some of the heat out and reduce the load on the AC (and our bank account). Tonight, I pulled the curtains open to look out before bed, and there was an itty bitty plastic dinosaur, perched on the sill. It was dutifully pointed toward the street, standing guard. He constantly tells me that there are robots (or dinosaurs) outside - he stands at the window and tells me fantastical stories about all manner of creatures who live in my yard. I can only assume that this particular dinosaur (a brachiosaurus not much larger than a 50 cent piece) was protecting us from the robots.

I love his imagination.

I love everything about him.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

In A Good Place... Sometimes.

I'm going to do my complaining first so that I might end my night on a high note.

I. Complaining

Lochia? Fucking sick of lochia. I'm so ready to jump my husband, it's not even funny. I swear on all that is holy, if this lasts 6-8 weeks, I may jump off a bridge. I'm 3 weeks out and I'm just completely fed up with it. I have a couple days where it looks like it's about over with, and then it comes back with a vengeance. Grrr.

II. The Good Stuff

I feel great physically. I honestly expected to feel like death on a platter after childbirth, but it wasn't so bad. I felt like I had road rash for a few days, then it got better. The dreaded hemorrhoid is even mostly healed. I feel good. I feel strong. I quite like this.

I've dropped 40 pounds in the 3 weeks since Em was born. Most of it is obviously water weight since it has come off so quickly and with no effort on my part. I hadn't realized how truly huge and swollen I was when she was born. Then I looked at the pictures from the hospital. Wow.

My legs and ankles and feet are back and better than ever. I will be rocking a short skirt again in no time. SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT.

My skin and nails are in much better shape since having Em. They're better than before I got pregnant, even. My skin is super soft and my nails are growing so fast I can hardly keep up with them. I hope that lasts. I like it.

Em is still about the best baby ever. She sleeps 4 hours at a stretch at night. She rarely fusses. She eats and grows like a champ. We had some reflux issues (during which, she still wasn't fussy - merely projectile vomiting), but we've managed to mostly resolve that without medication. Our pediatrician is amazed with her... She's making eye contact, holding up her head for short periods of time, already establishing a schedule. At her first appointment, at 6 days old, she was already on the developmental level of a one-month-old. We have a tiny baby genius on our hands.

She makes me laugh every day, already. When she's hungry, I put a bib or burp cloth on her chest and tuck it under her chin, and she gets so excited. Her mouth opens and her eyes light up and her arms start flapping. And don't get your hand in the way, because she will try to nurse anything in her way. She's awake several hours a day already, and I can't stop staring into her eyes when she is. They captivate me.

Monk is doing well with her. I've had to learn to juggle a little, but every parent does. He likes to watch her, he tries to give her her paci when she fusses, and he's fascinated by her eating habits. (A bottle? Really? Wouldn't a peanut butter sandwich be better?) The other day, we were in the car and she had a rare fussy spell (she was hungry), and he tried so hard to comfort her from his carseat. "It's okay, baby," he cooed. "I'm here. It's all gonna be okay." And my heart melted.

He begins Head Start on Tuesday. I'm excited for him because he's looking forward to it so much, but I'm also heartbroken that my tiny baby Monkey is going to school. I'm convinced he'll be asking to borrow the car any day now.

Now, I'll leave you with a couple pictures from our first home photo shoot with Em. I am quite blessed to have such beautiful children, but doubly blessed that I have a talented husband who can capture that beauty on the screen...