Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Great at Daily Posts

But I don't completely suck either. I'm trying.

When Em was born, my epidural got jacked up and became a spinal. My hip was hurting like a MOTHER after delivery, and I just chocked it up to the assault on my body. Childbirth is kind of intense. Then, 48 hours later, they pulled the catheter out of my spine. When that happened, my hip lit up like the fourth of July. We figured it must have been sitting on a nerve. It was like fire.

Fast forward 2 months... I hadn't had any issues with it. It was a little tender for a week or so, but nothing terrible and it went away. One day, Em was in the floor in her bouncy seat, and when I bent to pick her up, my hip lit up just like the day the pulled the catheter. White hot.

That was about 3 weeks ago now... I've been to my chiropractor twice. I'm thinking I might need to see an MD soon. I'm actually kind of worried that I got nerve damage or something. I can't take heavy duty pain meds because I have to be mama all the time. J has been working, doing general contractor things, and he's not home 24/7. I'm kind of out of ideas, other than finding a real doctor.

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