Saturday, November 5, 2011


The kids are in bed. J is watching a movie. All I have the attention span for is random web surfing. Mostly Facebook, but a little of this and that as well.

Monk is FINALLY (at 3 and a half) pooping in the potty. No accidents for two days. He got to wear big boy underwear today and insisted on calling Mamaw and Daddy to tell them all about it. We are THRILLED. I have no clue what the hold up was, but I went all tough love on him, he did it, then I showered him with praise and rewards (five fruit snacks is like a jackpot to that kid). It worked. That's really all I care about right now. Since we're already firmly in TMI territory, I must share an amusing story from today. He had diarrhea this afternoon, after his nap. He was using the bathroom like a big boy, clearly having intestinal issues from the sounds of things, then I hear him yelling, "Mama!! My butt just got sick a lot!!!" It amused me greatly.

Em has discovered her hands. She's been watching her feet with great interest for a while now. Recently though, she found fingers. They wiggle! They move! They taste great! They can grab things! It's so amazing to watch her become a real human.

Painting the kitchen turned into remodeling the kitchen. The island is coming out, the dishwasher is being moved, and a cabinet is being relocated. Then we'll have to do something with the floor where the island USED to be and probably end up reflooring the entire kitchen/breakfast nook area. Without that stupid island, we'll actually have room for a table, though. Not having a dining table sucks wind.

Mark is coming back tomorrow, and taking Monk home. He's matured so much this week with us. Hell, he's pooping on the potty. He was also potty trained with us. Mark is lazy when it comes to Monk. I'll be so sad to see him go tomorrow. We'll be back to Thursdays and every other weekend. :-(

I think J's movie is almost done. I'm exhausted. The kids will be up an hour early tomorrow, according to the clock.... Better hit the bed running while I can.

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