Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ex-Husbands SUCK

Fucking Mark. His flavor of the month is moving in with him. From Houston. So at the very last possible minute, he decided he was going with her to pack her stuff and bring it up here. I'm certain that he knew all along, but didn't want to tell me. So X has been here. All is cool. Until...

I told Mark a month ago that I was NOT AVAILABLE this weekend. Mom was taking Em, I was turning my whitelist on on the phone so only Mom could call, and J and I were going to rebuild our deck. Done deal. No negotiating. Of course, he called today to tell me that he won't be back in town until Sunday, was that okay? I said, "No, I'm pissed. I told you a month ago that I was unavailable this weekend." Somehow, he turned it into my fault that I'm pissed. Because I won't just send Monk to spend the weekend with someone else. Mom can't take him because he's a handful all by himself, let alone with Em. She just doesn't feel comfortable with it. I don't love that, but I deal with it. Whatever. He was just going to call up a random friend and see if anyone would take him! Um, not just no. FUCK no. He stays with me, with Mark, and he goes to Head Start. He doesn't really go anywhere else. I'm not just going to shove him in the corner of someone else's house and forget him so I can do what I planned to do.

So my deck will not get rebuilt this weekend. At this point, it may not get done til spring because I doubt the weather will hold for long. Of course, Mark doesn't care in the least because he's with his latest booty call and her happiness is the only thing in the world that matters to him. Forget Monk, forget that I gave him advance notice that I had plans, forget everything that isn't the flavor of the month. I just want to scream. Loudly. For a long time.

Anyway, whatever. I need to just get over it because some shitheads never change. Writing prompt for today:

Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?

I can listen to music and do just about anything. There are times I want silence, but since Em came along and demanded music at all times or she would not sleep, I have come to deal with a certain amount of background noise at all times. I mostly leave the radio in her room tuned to the local Top 40 station, but when she's up and about, we often listen to music on the computer. My current favorite is Adele - I just can't get over her. When I get mad at Mark, I like to listen to her Turning Tables. "I've braved a hundred storms to leave you. As hard as you try, no, I will not be knocked down. I can't keep up with your turning tables, under your thumb I can't breathe..." I listened to it just a bit ago, actually. It might be the thing that keeps me from texting him to tell him to go to hell.

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