Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long Time, No Blog

[Insert apology and excuses here.]

Em is 8 months old! Holy freaking crap, how is that possible? I swear I just brought her home from the hospital last week... She's crawling (in her own fashion - an Army low crawl) and she would really like to walk now please. She still does not have a single tooth in her head. She's eating solid food like a champ (doing BLW). She just gums it to death before swallowing. It amazes me how fast everything is happening.

Monk turned 4 on Sunday. He remains awesome. We have huge long conversations now, and he has his own opinions and thoughts and it's just glorious. We're having an issue right now, though. I guess it's probably why I came here. I need to talk about it.

He had his kindergarten vaccinations on Thursday (my doc does them at the 4yr well child). TDaP was one of them, so his arm hurt pretty good for a while. Tetanus is a bitch no matter what. It hurt so bad Thursday night that he was in tears while I was changing him into his jammies for bed. Last night when I was changing his clothes, I noticed that it was really red. It wasn't just the injection site either - it was about half his upper arm. J said he had noticed him scratching it earlier, so we decided to check it again in the morning and go from there. He woke up at 4am needing a drink and a potty break, and the arm looked a lot worse. I decided to let him finish sleeping and take him to urgent care later in the morning. About 10, I loaded him up and off to urgent care we went. I was freaking out thinking it was a bad vaccination reaction... It's cellulitis. A nasty bacterial infection of the skin. Apparently, it's relatively common in the toddler set, most likely because they have grubby little kid hands and they scratch at things that itch. The needle opened a spot in the skin and his bacteria-covered fingers did the rest. So now we're doing 10 days of antibiotics and watching it like a hawk to make sure it doesn't get any worse. Any signs of worsening take us right back to urgent care or an ER. Why? Because cellulitis can lead to sepsis - that's why.

All evening last evening, I thought something wasn't right about it. Lots of people reassured me, telling me that redness around an injection site was common and that he was probably fine. The worsening is what made me seek treatment, but damn... What if I had just listened to everyone else? What if I hadn't trusted my instinct and taken my kid to the doctor? It's not terribly easy to find a doctor at 10am on a Saturday. I could have just as easily said it could wait til Monday. And I could have caused some serious damage with that mindset.

I guess I'm just being reminded of how fragile the balance is. How easily things can happen or be overlooked and how much even a seemingly small decision can change outcomes.

So if you have your kid vaccinated and notice that the area around the injection site is super duper red and fevered and angry.... Take them to the doctor. Better safe than sepsis.