Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Disappearing Act

You won't find anyone better than me.  I post, I run, I hide, I don't post again for months.  Awesome, isn't it?  Not so much.

So what has been happening at the Crazy [Beautiful] house?  Too much, really.  And it's not just too much stuff, it's just too much.  We're overwhelmed in a lot of ways.

J's health is tanking on us.  We don't know why, we don't have root cause, we only know that his liver is pretty sick right now.  We're just in the beginning stages of this journey, and there's a lot up in the air right now.  In July, his blood work was textbook.  On January 31, he went for his regular 6 month checkup, and the blood work was distinctly un-textbook.  Liver enzymes are through the roof.  We saw a gastroenterologist on Feb 11, but there is a lot of testing yet to be done to figure out exactly we are and how we got there.

Monk is doing pretty well.  We're in a very long and drawn out testing process for ADHD, among other things.  We've known it was coming, but we wanted to wait until he was more emotionally mature before we started testing.  He'll be 6 in April, and it was just time.  Like, really.  He's having trouble focusing enough to get dressed without help.  He's of above-average intelligence - he just can't slow his brain down enough to really see what's going on around him.  We hope to get more answers next week.  I'm really optimistic.

Little Miss is TWO.  She's extremely two.  She's two going on thirteen.  She is ridiculously smart, thanks in large part to being a second child.  Monk teaches her a lot - she can say her ABCs, count to 20, and recognize some letters and numbers.  She knows her name and her brother's on sight.  She makes jokes, she thanks anyone who gives her a compliment, and no one can believe she's only two.

The house, as always, is a work in progress.  Renovation is an addiction.  We know we won't be in this house forever...  It's too small TODAY, so I know that if we ever have another child, the house will become miserably tiny.  We would sell and move now if it was an option.  But, alas, we keep throwing money at this one.  We built a master suite in the basement when we were matched with S and working through the process.  Now he's gone, we have an extra bedroom upstairs, and another project that needs finishing touches.  Then in June of last year, the entirety of the sewer lines had to be replaced, which meant taking out the basement floor on the half that was still workshop as well as our bathroom.  Since we already had the floor and wall out, why not build the bathroom we wanted initially?  Enter a new bathroom build.  It's nearly finished, so I expect something else will get torn apart and rebuilt soon.  We just can't help ourselves.

I'm back in school full time, but online only.  With J's health and the kids, I can't venture too much right now.  I had just gone back to work when he got this diagnosis.  We're at the doctor at least once a week for the foreseeable future, and work doesn't fit into that.  It just can't.  He and Little Miss were thrilled that it didn't work out.  Seems like I might be missed when I'm not home.

So, there's our insanity in a nutshell.  I'm trying to be like a duck - calm and collected on the surface, but paddling like hell under the water.  It's a work in progress.

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