Friday, February 14, 2014

The Snow That Wouldn't Stop

I live in WV.  It's winter.  I get it.  But is all this snow really necessary?  Somehow, the storm that was predicted to bring us 1-3 inches yesterday ended up dumping more like 11.  Tonight, it's supposed to start all over again and bring another 3-6.  I'm done with snow.  Really, truly, done.

In other news, J's labs from the gastro appointment were disappointing, to say the least.  The thing we thought was hepatotoxicity from a new prescription seems to be something else.  I'm not even being coy - we have no idea what it might be.  He stopped the offending drug, and the values still climbed twenty points each in the eleven days between appointments.  Something is very wrong, and we don't even know how to slow it down.  They scheduled a CT for next week.  If we don't get an answer there, I don't know what's next.

Little Miss and her attitude are 100% in the house.  This morning (Happy Valentine's Day...) she informed me, "Me don't 'ike you anymore," just before she stormed down the hall and slammed her door.  What did I do to earn this?  I told her she couldn't have a chocolate "pup cake" for breakfast.  She's TWO, people.  Two.  I hesitate to even consider what her teen years will be like.

Tomorrow, if we don't all die under a snow drift, Monk has a wrestling tournament here in town.  This will be the only local one we've had - all others have required an hour or more of travel.  Tourney days are hard, but having it 5 minutes from my house will make it much easier.

(Little Miss just informed me that she saw a frog outside.  Something tells me there's not a frog hopping around in all that snow.)

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  1. Hey there--so glad you're back! I hope you find out soon, and it turns into nothing serious. I had crazy weird liver values this past summer, with no determined cause. After a bit, they just returned to normal--wishing you the same!