Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Update That Wasn't

I swear I would post more if I had anything to post about.  My life is ridiculously boring right now.

J's CT scan showed nothing at all - not even a hint of fatty liver.  Labs are being repeated on 3/14, he sees his regular doc on 3/21, and the gastro in Pitt on 3/26.  Maybe by April, we'll know something.  I'm hoping.  Regardless, he has been feeling better since he stopped the drug we suspected.  His rapid weight gain has rapidly fallen off again, and he's not having so much cramping.  I'm wondering if it's possible that the drug was the culprit and it just took a while to get the numbers to start coming down again.  Or, you know, it was just a random thing.

Monk had his 100th day of school on Friday.  Of course, with all the snow days we've had this year, it's more like his 17th day of school, but whatever.  They had plans.  One of his many activities was to make a necklace of 100 pony beads on a string.  Simple.  Little Miss has been obsessed with that necklace... She wears it around as much as he'll allow, and she's pleased as punch about it.  When I went out for groceries Friday evening, I decided to grab some beads and string so they could make their own necklaces during the next round of apocalyptic snow...  I got them out tonight after dinner, because someone kept asking me, "Make my own bracelet, mama?  Do it now?  Peeeeeeease?"  Let me tell you, that girl put beads (beebs) on string until I thought her fingers would fall off.  When it was time to stop (because it was bedtime - I'm not just an evil tyrant), she had a total meltdown.  100% lost her shit.  It took a solid half hour of consoling and promising that we'll "play beebs" again tomorrow to get her to calm down enough to go to bed.  I may have an artist on my hands here...

Monk's last wrestling meet was great.  He won his first trophy!!  We've had a couple trophies via soccer, but they were participation trophies.  I never felt like he earned them.  This one was different.  He took 3rd place in his division, and I thought he was going to beg to sleep with the trophy.  My voice died, I busted blood vessels in my hands beating the wrestling mat while he was up, and we were beyond exhausted.  But every second was worth it.

....Even though I picked up strep throat at the tournament and nearly died.  Do you have any idea how miserable strep is when you're nearly 30?  It's nothing at all like it was when you were 12.  There is nausea, and chills, and holy shit the pain.  Miserable, I tell you.  Little Miss went to the doctor with me and told him, "Mama is sick. She needs a shot.  I'll hold her hand, you fix her."  Shockingly, he did give me a shot (steroids), and she did hold my hand.  She's pretty darn awesome like that.